Peaceful easy feeling

With the start of school comes the end of summer. And with Labor Day approaching, night comes earlier with each passing day. In our world, some masks have dropped, and some remain, and the debate and discussion over vaccinations and variants, unfortunately, rage on. It doesn’t just seem that we are living through hazy, complicated times; we actually are living through the ebb and flow of health crises, climate change, wildfires, hurricanes, and unrest in places far from the inherent beauty and calm of our Colorado.

 As the summer began, our team had optimism, albeit guarded, regarding the economy, our business, and the social events that summer customarily brings. For me, both Memorial Day and July 4th felt and tasted particularly good. Perhaps it was the absence of these experiences last summer, but the burgers tasted better and my friends were funnier than I had remembered. These cumulative moments and memories provided both a sweet reminder as well as motivation to find myself and all of us in that special place, permanently.

Yet, returning to the past… that is left to storytellers, movie makers, and historians. And so it is for us to handle and embrace the present which this summer found us still uneasy over Covid, and obscured our vistas and mountains with the western smoke. Is this a new normal? I should hope not. But it was the norm for this summer, and our only recourse is to have gratitude and love for those days when the front range is clear and picturesque. When we can drink in the view and save that picture either on our phone or in our mind’s eye.

 As I write this piece, I ruminate over the current events that are unfolding. It brings to mind an Eagles song, written and recorded almost 50 years ago. A Peaceful Easy Feeling. Most listeners recognize this as a love song. But the memorable chorus has greater meaning to me:

.And I got a peaceful easy feelin’

And I know you won’t let me down

‘Cause I’m already standin’

On the ground.

It’s the knowing that whatever comes our way, whether turbulence from Mother Nature or turbulence from a super spreader event, we have literally and figuratively weathered tough times which may return tomorrow or 15 years from now… but regardless, I am sustained by the confidence, an inner voice that reassures me that we will always get through because we are steady, and we are grounded.


Next Monday is Labor Day. An important day to mark. Our business and our country continue to thrive because of hard work from people of all backgrounds and the many corners of the world.  We remember that we are fortunate to live and work in a democracy, and we remember and honor those that have done the heavy lifting on our behalf. We may take this day off, to be with family and friends, but I ask that we each take time to remind ourselves of the focus and discipline that we and Prosono choose to pursue as we move ever forward, onward, and upward.