Reflections of 2020: the future is here

Reflections of 2020: the future is here


The statement, “the future is here”, is attributable to William Gibson, notable pioneer of science fiction writing and leader of the cyberpunk genre. It is a phrase that has been said many times and used in a variety of ways. Whether to motivate, to call to action, to take notice – it is certainly a summoning. When Gibson writes, “We have no idea, now, of who or what the inhabitants of our future might be. In that sense, we have no future…. because our present is too volatile... We have only risk management. The spinning of the given moment's scenarios” it is prophetic. A harbinger of what was 2020. And with the year that often felt like a bad sci-fi episode, it is hard to process exactly what is the present and ho

w to plan for the future. Yet, we must. With the fluidity of time, we have all the more reason to promote purpose driven impact in all that we do.


In 2020, the conscious-raising events that transpired were two-fold. The pandemic threatened our physical well-beings while the BLM movement opened our eyes to the unrest and incivility of race relations. The efforts that Prosono undertook to assist in addressing the needs of our community were resolute examples of being purpose driven. What we did to help our communities was not driven by agenda or profit. It was an emergent reaction to the chaos and helplessness around us. Prosono recognized a greater calling, and in rising to the multitude of challenges around us, we personified ‘purpose’ and ‘impact.’ We had our truest selves on display, and we were living, breathing examples of “the future is here.” With Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement, we came face to face with global, societal awareness that awakened each of us. As a company, our human response set us apart. We did more. We showed ourselves and our partners, that we actually are willing to do just what we are espousing for others.


Hopefully, in corporate America as well as throughout small businesses, state and local municipalities, societal issues will not be so easily ignored. Voices for change and internal discussion regarding the company responsibility is a new normal. Office topics are now geared toward discussing policies of working from home, child care, education, and safety on our streets. Companies are realizing the need to address their work force and their clientele as agents of social impact and progress; it needs to become a part of the mission statement. Hopefully, we will be better prepared when faced with pandemics and societal injustices.   And whether one agrees or disagrees with decisions, results, or stances, we can concur with being ready to meet any challenge with positivity, purpose, and impact. The future may be here, and the future may change as suddenly as the Colorado weather. Irrespective of how we look at the shifting times, we can maintain that the future will be better for the focus of Prosono. We are present, we are current, and we are here.

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