Lean into our Mission

Lean into our Mission

There is a normality to my days that is comforting, despite the reality of the global pandemic around me.  I am aware that this normalcy - during, before and after the pandemic - is bolstered by the privilege in my life, and there are moments during this pandemic where I am grateful beyond all belief. I also credit any sense of normalcy to the mission-oriented work I’m lucky enough to spend my days doing.  At Prosono, our mission is to accelerate the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.  Our clients and team are how we will achieve that mission.  It is in that mission’s actuation that my hope rests within. 

This past month, Prosono’s ownership committed to sharing our business with our employees.   This decision came out of the belief that economic prosperity through ownership is not something just for business management, but something our team deserves and has earned.  As owners, we believe so much in our mission and in our employees that we have committed to sharing the prosperity potential.  Establishing employer ownership is uncommon in the larger business world, and our decision is a testament to the idea that it is possible to share prosperity even in this current economic reality. 

Moreover, Prosono continues to commit to our community, even during turbulent business times.  Jesus Salazar, our CEO, is committing almost all his time to support Governor Polis’ Economic Recovery Team and building a key tool for Energize Colorado.  Prosono has supported this endeavor with hours of work alongside the dozens of others working to “energize” our communities.  Our commitment to the work is because of our firm belief that supporting a community recovery is how we all recover.  Additionally, our Prosonoans continue to volunteer and support their community and institutions of choice – Spark the Change, Denver Health, Colorado Outward Bound School and many more. 

Finally, I’m excited to announce my decision to invest in Prosono as a major shareholder.  My rationale in this commitment is steeped in the above examples and the fact that those values and actions are true both right now and since Prosono’s inception.  My decision to lean into our mission right now is due to my complete conviction that our business, our mission, and our work will matter more than ever during and after this pandemic.  Now is the time to lean into leveraging social and business good.  Our solutions for the future as a community and society rely on us to learn from all three sectors (private, public and social) and utilize what works across the traditional sector lines.  I am proud to call Jean Galloway and Jesus Salazar my business partners, and prouder to be standing shoulder to shoulder with my fellow Prosonoans, our clients, and our community. 

Prosono will continue to lean into our mission in the coming months and years. We are in awe of those who continue to share their time, treasure, and talent to building our communities back up.  There is much to do and possibly more heartache ahead but leaning into the normalcy of Prosono’s mission commitment gives me energy to take it on. 

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