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Strategic Planning

Moving From Doing Good to Making an Impact Requires Intention and a Long View

June 7, 2022

When you put together the collective pressure of perpetually saving lives, maintaining quality of life for patients, ensuring financial..


March 23, 2022

We are familiar with movie moments and locker room scenes when the coach gives an impassioned speech to rouse the players to victory. Ted Lasso has..


October 21, 2021

There are some words, messages, themes which are universal.  You don’t need to be bilingual or multicultural to have some awareness of concepts that..

The Challenges with “Predict and Prescribe” as a Strategy Method

August 27, 2020

In our series on Organizational Agility we wanted to provide some additional information and context to the Predict and Prescribe model. In our 20..

Organizational Agility for Nonprofits

April 24, 2020

As a strategy and social impact firm, Prosono  often works with non-profits in an effort to help them reach their goals. Our clients often have..