Organizational Agility for Nonprofits

Organizational Agility for Nonprofits

As a strategy and social impact firm, Prosono  often works with non-profits in an effort to help them reach their goals. Our clients often have large, complex challenges in front of them, and are given less resources to solve them. Non-profits are under increasing public scrutiny, facing more competition and requirements for funding, and are at the same time being expected to deliver more to their stakeholders. 

What we’ve learned is that the approaches and strategies that work best for our non-profit clients, also apply to us. Our clients, rightfully so, expect fast delivery, quantifiable results, and lasting impact due to our nimble, hands-on approach. We must deliver these results without the safety net of large recurring revenues, without in-house resources like IT, marketing teams, or assistants, and without large operating budgets. 

We overcome these challenges the same way we help our clients: through deep learning, quick testing, and constantly measuring our efforts towards our outcomes. Our approach to problem solving is called  Organizational Agility, which is an iterative, experiment-based approach to solving complex challenges.Our method is effectively setting measurable goals, then finding the quickest and most cost effective ways to achieve those goals. When we first meet with our clients, the first thing we establish is what their desired outcome is, and what goals we can establish to measure that outcome. Next, we allocate our resources on the most efficient, cost effective methods to achieve those goals, continually providing value to our clients so they can act immediately. 

Hill Chart


This chart outlines the entire process of starting with an idea to actually achieving an outcome. It applies to any tricky problem, regardless of the stage you are in. 

Once we establish where our client’s goals and progress are on our chart, we utilize the Plan, Do, Check, Act methodology to iteratively move towards the next milestone, and ultimately towards their outcome. 

Our top priority is to mobilize your team to move towards your goals and set you up for success towards your outcomes. Click here to contact Prosono to learn more. 


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