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Celebrating Juneteenth

June 16, 2022

Music is a unifier. For those who tend to enjoy a particular style of music or a particular song, there is an immediate camaraderie. African..


March 18, 2022

About Denver Urban Gardens 

We Must Invest More in Black Businesses

February 25, 2022

February may be short, but it is packed. We emerge from the euphoria and promise of the New Year to really sit down and evaluate where we came from..

A Rolling Stone

February 3, 2022

As a civilization, we learn fairly early in our maturation the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’. As children, we perhaps were told, “You get what..

Q & A with Possip CEO Shani Dowell

January 13, 2022

About Possip

Rest Well DT

December 23, 2021

       In most enterprises, we measure our performances. We decide successes and losses based on a bottom line. Productivity and outcomes are based..

Reflections of 2020: the future is here

June 29, 2021

The statement, “the future is here”, is attributable to William Gibson, notable pioneer of science fiction writing and leader of the cyberpunk genre...

Social Enterprise Needs Social Support to Thrive

August 20, 2020

In 2016, Prosono set out to create a Professional Service to meet the growing needs of the Social Enterprise sector.  Our belief was that every..

Reflection of my time at Prosono

July 17, 2020

 Reflection of my time at Prosono