Our Community-Based Approach to Evaluation

Our Community-Based Approach to Evaluation

Vatanage Evalution blogWe recently expanded our capacity to develop and execute meaningful strategies with the acquisition of Vantage Evaluation. We deeply believe evaluation is an integral part of an organization’s ability to improve the quality and impact of its work. Effective programs and initiatives create meaningful community change, and evaluation exists to inform the adjustments, pivots, and flexibility essential to effective services and long-term organizational success. 

Our Vantage teammates are experts in helping purpose-driven organizations experience the true power of evaluation through collaboration and facilitation. They maintain an extensive toolbox of evaluation approaches and methods so clients can focus exclusively on what they want to learn and rely on us to build the strongest evaluation design possible in the context of the project. We are thrilled to add evaluation to our core services. Our evaluation services focus on three key areas:

By working with clients to adapt methods to each stakeholder context, we help organizations thrive long-term and remain relevant. Even more important, our Vantage teammates integrate equitable evaluation practices into all their work - including participatory, mixed-method approaches, strategies that foster collaboration between different stakeholders, and a community asset/strengths-based perspective.

The integration of evaluation into our core services supports our clients in building a strong foundation for continuous learning and adaptability, two essential qualities for organizational sustainability. This is the kind of work that we love to do - push ourselves and our clients to create the best designs possible, respond to the changing and complex environment in which we work, and test new or innovative approaches to evaluation and strategy.

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